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Lake-tour in the Havel region

Canoe tour Müritz Nationalpark

The Müritz National Park is part of the Mecklenburg Lake District – the numerous lakes take up 13 percent of the area. While paddling you can explore the lake variety, the Havel area and it the beautiful original nature.


  • Introduction to the rules of conduct
  • Tour meeting and instruction in the paddling technique
  • Modern canoes incl. paddle and life vest
  • Return transport (not included in the price)

Meeting Point

Canoe Rental Paddle-Paul, Schillersdorf 1, 17252 Mirow (OT Schillersdorf)

Start Time

From 9:00


7 Days


From Leppinsee you paddle towards Mirow over the great Kotzower Lake, Granzower Möschen, Mirower Lake. First Accomondation is on the campsite at the Zotzensee. On the second day you paddle over the Zotzensee to the Vilzsee. At the Fleether mill at the Canoe rental "pack and paddel" (canoe can be rented here) carry the boats over an approx. 100 m long path. At the Rätzsee, continue paddling until you reach Drosedower, Gobenowsee, Kleenzsee.


At the canoe touring resting place in Wustrow, you'll have your night camp. The next morning, you will have to transfer your canoe or kayak (approx. 250 m). Canoe trolley rental is available for €1.00. From the Plätlinsee you can paddle further over the Schwaanhavel, watergate Wesenberg, Woblitzsee to the campsite Groß Quassow. The Havel River is next to the spring. At the Zwenzower watergate the boats have to be driven over land by rail wagon (lore). Luckily, the wagon starts straight in the water. From the Useriner lake you will find yourself in the Müritz National Park. The Hexenwäldchen is the place to stay.


The next day we are heading north, until the last paddlable lake in the Havel Spring, the Käbelicksee. The Water route is interrupted twice and the portage is again via Lorenbahnen wagon, once at the weir in Babke (50 m) and at the Pagelsee (600 m). From the campsite on the Käbelicksee it goes back to the fishing Babke. Return transport with Kanutaxi (not included in the price). 


On the tour you will find all 2 paddling camps and you do not need to reserve them, so you can plan your tour freely. 


  • Grocery store: Mirow (Netto) directly at the road bridge
  • Wustrow (small shop in the village)
  • Wesenberg (approx. 1.5 km from city port, Netto)
  • Userin (small shop in the village)
  • Various restaurants in Granzow, Mirow, Wustrow, Wesenberg, Quassow, Blankenförde, Granzin, Kratzeburg

Further Information


  • Tent, sleeping bag and mat
  • Cooking equipment
  • Personal equipment
  • Mosquito and sun protection
  • Rain gear
  • Dry bags


Campsite on the way


Paddel-Paul, Roggentin


85 km complete

Not included in the price

  • Return transport to the starting point

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