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Paddling on the Allier and the Loire

Canoe trip in France

In the middle of France, two dream rivers are waiting for canoe tours, the Allier and the Loire. The Allier is a left tributary of the Loire and not as frequented as the Ardeche or Dordogne during the summer holidays. The Allier flows into the Loire at Bec d 'Allier. The Allier and also the Loire flow mostly contemplative and quiet through beautiful valleys, some small rapids provide for variety – but don't worry, on the sections certainly no difficult whitewater awaits us. The length of the day is determined by the condition, the weather, the mood, and by the camping sites on the banks of the rivers.


  • 6 paddle days
  • Organisation and execution of the canoe trip through our trained Kanuguides
  • Training in theory and practice according to BV Canoe guidelines
  • Boats incl. paddle, life jackets
  • Dry bag for your luggage

Meeting Point

Ygrande, in the Allier département, in the Auvergne region-Rhône-Alpes


6 Days


We use the hospitality of a friendly couple near Moulins and meet on the evening before, not directly at the Allier, but about 30 km away in Ygrande. There we can set up our tents for a small fee on their large meadow and discuss the course of the next days. On the morning of the first day of paddling we pack the tents and our things together after breakfast, go to the Allier and start our tour. Your guide will detail the techniques of canoe paddling. The daily leg lengths are based on condition, weather, mood and are limited by the distances of the campsites. To the middle of our paddle week we reach the mouth of the Loire and continue our tour on the most famous river in France.



Your guide will stay in a tent and will be happy to reserve a place for you on our start-camping site. The following days we will visit beautiful campsites on our way to the weekly destination. If you want to have a solid roof over your head, we will gladly assist you in finding a pension or hotel. However, you have to use your own vehicle here and ideally use a local taxi company. You'll find more information and details in the travel documents.



Ideally we provide as a group (food not included in the price), so not everyone has to take his cooking stuff by his own and we can distribute the food and kitchen utensils evenly on all boats. But you can also take care of yourself, but keep in mind that you will also have to transport your food and kitchen utensils yourself. We will take large pots and cookers for group supply on the tour. We will make cooking groups at the beginning of the tour so that not everyone has to cook every day. Of course, we can also go for dinner.


You should bring

  • Swimwear and shoes that may be wet (e.g. old sneakers or neoprene shoes, please do not wear sandals)
  • If necessary, a eyewear strap
  • Depending on the temperature, you should also bring fast drying outerwear (e.g. fleece)
  • Spare clothes for paddling
  • If necessary, rain jacket and trousers (according to the weather forecast)
  • Camping equipment (Of course, only if you stay in the tent)

Additional costs (not included in the tour price)

  • Arrival and departure
  • Accommodation
  • Catering
  • Taxi rides if necessary
  • Shuttle to the entrance with the vehicles of the participants, taxi or public transport

Conditions for participants 

For this tour you only have to be able to swim and be at least 9 years old. You should have a normal physical physique, have fun in nature and not be afraid of water. There are daily stages of 10-25 km planned, with note that we have all day time for this. You can be a canoe novice, but experienced canoeists are also welcome.

Further Information

Additional services

  • Cooker, gas, pots and everything necessary for the kitchen
  • Organization and reservation of the start camp site


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