Wetzlar, Germany Runkel, Germany
Canoe Kayak
From Wetzlar to Runkel

3 day canoe tour on the Lahn

Paddle from Wetzlar via Leun and Gräveneck to Runkel. The 3-day tour is about 56 km long.


  • Delivery of the boat to the put in
  • Pickup of the boat at the agreed take out
  • Paddle & Matching life jackets
  • Container (for storing water-sensitive objects)
  • Water map, river Description & Briefing

Meeting Point

Campsite Wetzlar, Dammstraße 52, 35576 Wetzlar

Start Time

Daily at 10:00 & 11:00


3 Days


Tour description

This 3-day tour takes you from the historic town of Wetzlar via a boat lane, a roller conveyor and three locks into the tranquil small town of Leun. Have a look at Wetzlar's  historic buildings, such as the cathedral, the old Lahn Bridge and the castle ruins of Kalsmunt from the water. Stay the night in Leun on the Youth Campsite, the campsite Schooleck or in a Hotel or pension in Braunfels.

On the second day the Lahn will lead you to the village of Gräveneck via two locks and Germany's only shipping tunnel (with double lock) at Weilburg. In this section of the Lahn you go through a well-wooded landscape with a balanced flora and fauna. In Gräveneck you can stay at the campsite Gräveneck, in the tower room of the campsite or in a pension.


On the last day the Lahn leads you through the small towns of Aumenau and Villmar to Runkel. Finally, the tour ends at the campsite in Runkel. Once there you can use your canoe ticket for the Lahntalbahn railway to get back to the starting point in Wetzlar. You can also use our shuttle service.


Free service: We can book an accommodation on the campsite in Leun, Schooleck and Gräveneck for you. Just write a note in the order form. Please calculate with approx. €10 per person. However, the settlement has to be done with the campsite owner directly.


Route Info

Distance: Wetzlar to camping Runkel
Track length: approx. 56 km
Start: Daily at 10:00 or 11:00 
End: 16:20 the latest 

(Special feature: 1 boat slide, 1 roller conveyor, 8 self-service locks, 1 navigation tunnel (double lock with self-service)
Starting point: Kanustation station Kanu Lahn-Dill on campsite Wetzlar, Dammstraße 52, 35576 Wetzlar
Final destination: Campsite Runkel, Zur Bleiche, 65594 Runkel



Please specify only the start date in the calendar.


Passenger transport


Canoe ticket: €3.60 per person each trip.

Otherwise you can take the Lahntalbahn railway back to Wetzlar. The take out in Runkel is a 5-minute walk from the train station. Wetzlar Station (Willy-Brandt-Platz, 35576 Wetzlar) is a 15-minute walk from the canoeing station in Wetzlar. Buy your regular ticket by public transport or order your cheap Canoe ticket.



3rd day Bus start at 16:20 pm from Runkel to Wetzlar
€12 per adult from 18 years
€11 per teenager 15-17 years
€10 per child up to 14 years


Start is at the Kanustation of Kanu Lahn-Dill in Wetzlar. At the last day you can use the ticket from Runkel to go back to your vehicle in Wetzlar. During the tour you can park your car about 300 meters away from the Kanustation in a public, free car park. Furthermore, we offer you to park your car for €2.20 a day at the campsite Wetzlar. The bus trips are operated by a local bus company on behalf of Kanu Lahn-Dill. It is Not to a public bus. You can order the ticket and the canoe ticket during the booking of the boats. Book your ticket early in advance, so you can start the day relaxed.



It is also possible to organize the transport of people independently according to your wishes.

Further Information

Degree of Difficulty



Kanu Lahn-Dill, Schöffengrund


56 km

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