Grebbestad, Sweden
ACA level 1 - Technique & Safety

Seakayak Training in Schweden

This course is great if you have no sea kayaking experience at all or very little. On our courses we use the ACA system ( American canoe association) as a guide line for instructions. This is well known system all over the world and in the end you'll get a signed participation card saying that you have taken part in this course.


  • Certifierad ACA (American Canoe Association) Instructor
  • Fully equipped sea kayak (kayak, buoyancy aid, paddle, spray skirt, bilge pump)
  • Clothes for kayaking (jacket, pants and shoes)
  • Participation card after completion of the course
  • Min 4, max 6 persons

Meeting Point

Nautop Kajakcenter Grebbestad Småbåtshamnen, Svinnässidan 45702 Grebbestad

Start Time



1 Day

You will learn important basics about equipment, safety and how to maneuver your kayak. We will guide you through the basic techniques of getting in and out of a kayak, forward and backward strokes and how to turn, move sideways and stop your kayak.
In an sheltered environment you will learn how to capsize your kayak and evacuate during a so called “wet exit”. We will also learn an “assisted rescue” which will teach you how to rescue a fellow paddler if he/she capsizes and also play around with balance as a form of self rescue. We make sure that, at all times, you feel comfortable and happy with the progress. We will have a friendly and safe environment in which you are challenged but not pushed out of your stretch zone. We work with small groups of a maximum of 6 persons and have a close communication through out the day. 


We start the day at 10.00 AM at our kayak center and while we enjoy a coffee we have a quick chat about the days activity. Soon everybody will get their personal kayak and equipment and we start the practical part of the course. Along the day we'll vary different subjects as techniques, theory and rescues. We'll have lunch on an island if the weather is good and the course also allow us a short day trip as we practice what we learnt. The goal of this course is that you'll be able to safe and efficient paddle within a group environment.


Required experience

  • You must be able to swim 25m dressed in a buoyancy aid but no further experience is required.

Course content

  • Your kayak and equipment
  • Posture, power transfer and balance
  • Launching and landing from land and docks the right way to avoid capsize Basic strokes- forward, backward, sweeps, draw strokes we also touch on edging when turning and bracing for support.
  • Wet exit and swimming with your kayak
  • Assisted rescues


10.00 am - 5.00 pm


Further Information


  • Good swimming skills
  • Good physical conditions


Nautopp Kajakcenter Grebbestad, Grebbestad

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