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Paddle Tour im Spreewald

The Spreewald is a well-known and popular tourist destination far beyond the national border of Brandenburg. In the Spreewald not only the well-known German Spreewald cucumber is grown, but it has also been a protected biosphere reserve since 1990. On over 1,000 kilometers, there are many small streams, rivers and canals. Since these have a very low flow rate, it is possible to paddle upstream.


  • 2 or 4 paddle days, depending on the booking
  • Organisation and execution by our trained Kanuguides
  • Training in theory and practice
  • We train according to BV Canoe guidelines
  • Organization and reservation of the start camp site

Meeting Point

Burg-Kolonie (approx. 100 km south of Berlin)

Start Time

Various dates - please select article


2 or 4 days Days


At the beginning of each canoe trip, your guide will familiarize you with the basic techniques of paddling. So he shows you the basic stroke forward and the bow stroke (a steering stroke). Your guide will also accompany you on the water, so that he can give you tips at any time, so that you can enjoy the uniqueness of the spree forest much better. In the afternoon we reach a campsite and we erect our tents. Then we go to dinner together. The next morning we do not paddle the same way back, but use other streams to come back to our home camp. Don't worry if you book the 4-day tour, we'll be going on different routes then on the two 2-days tours. The first two-day tour takes us around Burg and the second to Lübbenau with Lehde and Leipe.



Your guide will stay in a tent and will be happy to reserve a place on the campsite for you. We reserve the campsites which we use on the tour in advance. If you want to have a solid roof over your head, we will gladly assist you in finding a pension or hotel. However, you have to use your own vehicle here and ideally use a local taxi company. You'll find more information and details in the travel documents.



Everyone caters for themselves. We like to have breakfast in the morning together on the meadow by the water. Most campsites offer a bread service and some also have a small kiosk. For lunch we put together a delicious lunch package and stow it in our kayak or we make a rest at a takeaway stand. In the evening we treat ourselves to the luxury of eating out or catering for ourselves.


You should bring

  • Swimwear and shoes that may be wet (e.g. old sneakers or neoprene shoes, please do not wear sandals)
  • If necessary, a eyewear band
  • Depending on the temperature, you should also bring fast drying outerwear (e.g. fleece)
  • Spare clothes sets for paddling
  • If necessary, rain jacket and trousers (according to the weather forecast)
  • Camping equipment If you want to stay in the tent


Additional costs (not included in the tour price)

  • Arrival and departure
  • Accommodation
  • Catering
  • Taxi rides if necessary
  • If necessary, shuttle to get to the vehicles of the participants, taxi or public transport
  • Watergate fees

Conditions for participants

For this tour you only have to be able to swim and be at least 9 years old. You should have a normal physical physique, have fun in nature and not be afraid of water. There are daily stages of 10-20 km planned, with note that we have all day time for this. You can be a canoe novice, but experienced canoeists are also welcome.

Further Information


Lutz paddelt!, Krefeld

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