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Land of the 1,000 lakes

Kayaking on the Mecklenburger Seenplatte

The Mecklenburg Lake District is not only a paradise for ornithologists and botanists, but also very popular among the most diverse water sports and recreation seekers. Already a few hundred years ago, the existing lakes and rivers were expanded in such a way that they were used to transport goods to Berlin. This created not only channels, flow widenings and recesses, but also some locks to compensate for the different water levels. Nowadays, these channels are rarely used by professional shipping. Some excursion boats and a lot of recreational captains of motor boats or water sports enthusiasts with their sailing boats and canoes are underway. It is one of Germany's largest recreational areas for water sports enthusiasts, cyclists and recreation seekers.


  • 5 paddling days
  • Organisation and execution of the canoe trip by our trained canoe-guides
  • Training in theory and practice
  • We train according to BV Canoe guidelines
  • Organization and reservation of the first camp site

Meeting Point

17255 Wesenberg (approx. 100 km north of Berlin)

Start Time



5 Days



On the first day your guide will familiarize you with the basic techniques of paddling. This includes a small unit of theory before you go on the water and then you will learn the first steps of kayaking. Your guide will be at your side during the entire tour, including on the water and in the camp. With his help and a bit of practice you will easily achieve the days's goal. At noon we make a stop at a fisherman's kiosk or a nice spot right by the water. Rested and strengthened, we quickly reach our day goal (a campsite directly on the water), we put up our tents, go swimming quickly or visit the guesthouse and go together for dinner or we make a delicious dinner on the grill or camping stove. Since we have our luggage in the boat, we are totally flexible and only dependent on the campsites on the shores of the lakes.


The rest of the days are similarly shaped. We will have a brief theory session every day so that you can become more familiar with your sports equipment and canoeing. After 5 days we will finish our tour at the starting point.



Your guide will also stay in a tent and will be happy to reserve a place for you at the start camp site. The other campsites we use on the tour are not pre-booked so we can make our tour more flexible. If you want to have a solid roof over your head, we will gladly assist you in finding a guest house or hotel. However, you have to organise your own transport here and ideally use a taxi company. You'll find more information and details in the travel documents.


You should bring

  • Swimwear and shoes that can get wet (e.g. old sneakers or neoprene shoes, please do not wear sandals)
  • If necessary, a eyewear strap
  • Depending on the temperature, you should also bring fast drying outerwear
    (e.g. fleece)
  • Spare clothes for paddling
  • If necessary, rain jacket and trousers (according to the weather forecast)
  • Camping equipment If you want to stay in a tent


Everyone caters for themselves. We like to have breakfast in the morning together on the meadow by the water. Most campsites offer a bread service and some also have a small kiosk. For lunch we put together a delicious lunch package and stow it in our kayak or we make a stop at a takeaway stand. In the evening we treat ourselves to the luxury of eating out or catering for ourselves.


Additional costs (not included in the tour price)

  • Arrival and departure
  • Accommodation
  • Catering
  • Taxi rides if necessary
  • If necessary, shuttle to get to the vehicles of the participants, taxi or public transport

Conditions for participants 

For this tour you only have to be able to swim and be at least 9 years old. You should have a normal physical condition, have fun in nature and not be afraid of water. There are daily stages of 10-20 km planned, but note that we have all day for this. You can be a canoe novice, but experienced canoeists are also welcome.

Further Information

Degree of Difficulty



Reservation at the start-campsite is included but must be paid separately


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