Regen, Germany
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From Regen to Teisnach

Canoe tour on the bavarian Regen

The river section between Regen and Teisnach trough "Bavarian Canada" is the tour for all those who are looking for whitewater and action. Even non-professionals can manage this canoe trip without any problems. After you have been informed in detail about the the river, the nature conservation, the handling of the boats and the paddling technique, we will start the adventure.


  • 4.5 hours of canoeing between Regen and Teisnach
  • Rental Canoe/kayak with complete equipment
  • Professional training in paddle technique, safety and environment protection
  • Shuttle service of boat and person
  • For mobile phone and photo equipment you will get waterproof bags

Meeting Point

Hölzl's Kanuscheune, Oleumhütte 9 A, 94209 Regen

Start Time

Daily by arrangement


4,5 Hours


You can paddle alone or in a group throught the forests in the direction of Teisnach. Through the most beautiful untouched nature with its animals, such as the rare kingfisher. That is well recognizable by its striking blue feather dress. If you are lucky you can see him fly over the surface of the water. You are excited already? Don't worry, you will start with the family tour and still have plenty of time to get familiar with the canoe and its characteristics. In Oberauerkiel after approx. 2.5 hours there is the first possibility to rest. Here you can have a snack or visit the beautifully located "Landgasthof Muhr", which is only a few minutes away.


With new energy from the break we will continue. From now on, helmets and lifejackets are obligatory. Everything that could swim away is now stowed away in the waterproof packing bags and leashed in the canoes. The gradient increases, the flow becomes faster and boulders protrude out of the river. On the right river side there is a sign "Notausstieg Schmalzgrub". This is the last chance to exit the river before the famous "Bärenloch". You can also be picked up here if you feel uncomfortable.

After 2 km of easy whitewater the river becomes calm again and you see a weir and a factory channel on the left. Here you have to get out on river left and potage the obstacle. With the portable canoe trailer you can carry the canoe along the 600 m long gravel road without any heavy effort. On a slightly steep and rocky shore it goes back on the river. At that point it is not far anymore. Teisnach is close, recognizable by the road bridge, which at the same time is the exit on the left. The boats are going to be charged on the canoe trailer and we bring them back to the starting point.


During a evening at the campfire, you can talk about your adventure.


Your starting time

After booking, we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange your start time. Your wishes are very welcome.


Other services

  • Free Barbecue area with fireplace
  • Free car parking
  • Free Camping facilities


  • In case of high and low water as well as heavy rain or thunderstorms the experience is postponed

Further Information

Degree of Difficulty

Up to white water level II


  • Clothing appropriate to the weather
  • Shoes that are allowed to get wet
  • Changing clothes
  • Good mood, good weather and good water


Hölzl Kanutouren, Regen


18.5 km

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