Bovec, Slovenia
Slovenia for Beginners

Whitewater kayak course on the Soca

Slovenia is the most beautiful and most efficient course area in Europe for kayak beginners. The soca, the river on which we mainly paddle, flows crystal-clear to emerald green through the most beautiful valley of the Julian Alps-framed by high mountains and white gravel benches. On the shore you can meet sun - hungry holidaymakers in summer who travel to Slovenia not because of canoeing, but only because of the beauty of the river. But the most beautiful and wild spots of the soca are only discovered from the kayak.


  • Boat, paddle, life jacket
  • Training in theory and practice
  • Complete cooking equipment

Meeting Point

Camp Liza in Vodenca, 2 km from BOVEC

Start Time

Various dates - please select


5 to 6 Days

About this course

In the beginner's course of our canoe school you will learn the most important whitewater-based techniques. No previous knowledge is required. In the course of the week we adapt the techniques to the progress of the group and we usually increase from the first day on the lake (WW 0) to the end of the course on WW 2. In the foreground, however, is the fun of safe learning in a loose and relaxed atmosphere.


In this kayak course at the Soca schools we (in theory and practice)

  • Forward and backward strike
  • Bow Strike
  • Paddle support
  • Sweeping water (stopping in running water)
  • Traverse
  • Various safety-based techniques


We meet on the first day of the course at the agreed time for a common breakfast and introduce ourselves to each other. In an introductory round we inform you about all organizational matters and you get the opportunity to tell us your expectations for the week. Then we distribute the material and the kayaks and it is the first time on the water. In the next few days the Schedule will always look similar. After breakfast there is a short theory unit and afterwards it goes to the river. After paddling we often return to a coffee in a small café or paddle back to the camp. Here, the cooking group of the day can prepare for dinner and the rest of the group has time to relax. We set a day of rest per week - so there is also time to explore the other beauties of the valley (there is no rest day in the Pentecost course).


Conditions for participants

You should have fun learning a new sport, you must be able to swim and should not be afraid of getting wet. You don't have to be particularly pain-free or death-defying. Experience in kayaking is not necessary.


Accommodations at the Soca


Our favourite campsite, the "Camp Liza" is located in Vodenca, just two kilometres away from the village of Bovec. It lies directly on the shores of the whitewater pearls Koritnica and Soca. The well-developed campsite is very kayak-friendly and has many beautiful pitches – either in the shade or on an open meadow with a mountain panorama. The camp is known for its clean sanitary facilities. During our courses in spring and summer we have a common kitchen tent at Camp Liza, fully equipped with cookers, tables, benches, light and other kitchen utensils. Here we are happy to have breakfast together and cook in the evening before we let the day pass by the campfire. At the campsite there is also a good restaurant with the "Gostilna Liza".



Directly at the campsite Liza There are also rooms, but only four pieces. These are new and modern, but should be reserved early enough at Maks (


Hotels, apartments and pensions

Around Bovec there are many beautiful and inexpensive holiday apartments. We can also enjoy the comfortable and modern rooms of the Hotel Vancar Recommend in Čezsoča. You can get an overview at the following link: Accommodations in Bovec.


Cooking Groups

In spring and summer 

During the course week we will be happy to design the life in camp and also the camp cooking. At the beginning of the course we divide the paddlers into small groups of cooks, each with three to four people. A cook group is responsible for cooking, cleaning up and rinsing a day per week. So every time you can conjure up your favourite dish and seduce the others with culinary delights. The rest of the week is free and can be rerum seduced.



During our autumn courses there is also a kitchen tent available for your stay, but we do not bring any cooking utensils. During the autumn courses we go out for dinner and meet for a common breakfast in the "Gostilna Liza".


Cooking yourself

Everyone can, but nobody has to participate in the cooking together! If you prefer to cook on your own, you are still welcome in the camp life.


Eating out

If you want to completely ignore the gas cooker for the time of the course, there are many really good restaurants in and around Bovec. Directly at the campsite there is the cosy "Gostilna Liza" with good, simple kitchen. Over a 20-minute walk through the forest you can reach the tasty cuisine of the Gostilna "Hedvica" in Kal Koritnica. About 30 minutes walk (or three minutes by car) is the town of Bovec with many good restaurants.



With your own car

Via Salzburg, Villach and the small, Italian village of Tarvisio, the journey through the Predilpass is a perfect opportunity. From there, Bovec can be reached in about 40 minutes.


No own car

If you do not have your own car, we will try to give you a ride. Just ask early enough!


Public transport

If you want to travel completely with public transport, you have to paddle Ljubljana. From there, a Slovenian bus starts over Tolmin to Bovec. Alternatively, it is possible to paddle by remote bus or train to Salzburg and to jump on a ride. Just talk to us and we'll try to help with the mediation.




The Soca Valley offers its guests many other possibilities besides the whitewater sport. Whether a hike to one of the many waterfalls, a visit to the excellent war museum in Kobarit, a paragliding flight or a mountain bike tour on the challenging trails, the region is a true outdoor mecca! Even a trip to the Mediterranean or the lagoon city of Venice is offered (approx. 180 km). Just hang on a few days and discover the great diversity of the region!

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