Lochen/Gebertsham, Austria
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SUP Yoga course on the lake

SUP Yoga on the Mattsee

Surrounded by water and safe on the extra-large Yogaboard, you will feel the sun on your face and the wind on your skin as you glide gently on the waves and sometimes move softer, sometimes more demanding.


  • SUP board incl. paddle
  • Short introduction in the basics of stand up paddling
  • 15 minutes of paddling, 75 minutes SUP Yoga

Meeting Point

Driftwood by Danique – SUP & Yoga lido Lochen/Gebertsham in Lochen am See (near Mattsee)

Start Time



1,5 Hours

At SUP Yoga, the board becomes a floating yoga mat. We do various asanas, standing, lying or sitting on the board in the middle of the lake. Exercises which are easy on the yoga mat, are a completely new challenge on the SUP board. Special at SUP Yoga is the connection to nature. The relaxing effect of water, the gentle movement of the waves, the fresh air and the beauty of the surroundings.


For What is SUP yoga?

Overall, balance and flexibility also a lot of fun!  Leave the stress at home and discover yoga in unfamiliar surroundings and with new prospects. 


SUP or yoga skills are not necessary, moving on the board is easily and quickly learned for everyone.


Do not forget 

  • Bathing suits/neoprene or sportswear
  • Towel
  • Sun protection
  • Something to drink
  • If you wear glasses, please bring a eyewear strap
  • Spare clothes

Please be at the SUP station 15 minutes before the course starts.

Due to the limited number of yoga SUP boards is a mandatory registration

absolutely necessary. The course takes place from 4 persons. Up to 10 people can join, so reserve your part in the course and board in advance. Larger groups only by arrangement.

Further Information

Degree of Difficulty



  • Swimming skills
  • Physical health
  • Minimum Age: 14 years


Driftwood by Danique, Palting

Not included in the price

  • Entrance to the lido Lochen, 4 euro (parking is free)

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