Ebbs, Austria
SUP Tour in Kufstein

SUP Tour on the Inn

Stand up paddling on a lake is boring? We also paddle on rivers with you. Kufstein = fortress + inn + Kaiser Mountains! You'll experience this up close on our city "surfing" tour at the Inn. Even for locals an amazing perspective.


  • SUP Board & Paddle
  • Certified guide
  • Wet suit (depending on weather conditions)
  • Helmet & Life Vest

Meeting Point

At our station in Kufstein

Start Time

Daily-by arrangement


2-3 Hours

The Inn is the ideal place to go for river tours. It flows slowly in a deep riverbed. Thats the advantage here. Through the flow we let ourselves drift downstream. You will quickly notice the constant movement from the board by the waves. You automatically change the stand position more often than on calm water and stabilize yourself. It combines surfing and whitewater paddling in a sophisticated way. Those who can paddle on waves in the sea do not know how it works on flowing water and where the dangers are. For this you have our experienced guide, who will be sure to show you possible dangers and dangerous currents. This makes the first river paddling super easy.
Suitable for individuals and groups up to 6 people.

Further Information

Degree of Difficulty



  • Bathing suits, towel, depending on the weather, shoes (get wet)


Active Spirit, Kufstein


6.5 km

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