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Adventure Corfu for Advanced

Seakayak trip Greece

Corfu is not only one of the most beautiful Greek islands, it is fortunately also accessible by plane until late in the autumn – because Corfu has its own airport! Since we did our first time sea kayak trip in 2014 Corfu has taken place, we are delighted by the area.

Meeting Point

Kalami, Corfu


6 Days

About this trip

Lonely beaches, quaint tavernas, dreamlike bays and cliff-sections, which do not need to shy away from comparison with Crete or other outstanding sea kayaking destinations. Anyone who has travelled to Corfu as a package tourist or was on the spot with the motorhome will, in the truest sense of the word, experience his "Blue Wonder". Corfu is truly unique. Especially the rugged beauty of the west coast only opens up to those who are travelling by kayak on the water.


Our sea kayak trip Corfu is supposed to be a journey to relax and come down. We have all the luggage in the boat and therefore no deadline pressure. Daily trips with lengths between twenty and thirty-five kilometers do not make any fuss - there is enough time during the tour to relax, read, swim and snorkel. We stay in secluded bays and return to a tavern once in a while. Otherwise, the gas cooker is our daily friend. Everything we need for the tour, we transport in the boat. Overnight stays in the tent or under the Greek 1000 star sky.


It is our goal to circle the island, but we know too well that this is a very ambitious goal. Only if everything fits a hundred percent, the daily stages can be tackled without great wind or waves, the rounding is really to be created. Those who travel to Corfu in the autumn must be aware that wind and waves in the Mediterranean are not uncommon at this time of year. In addition to the sea kayaking equipment, you should also pack a good book or an interesting card game if we have to weather a day when the conditions are too harsh.


If you want to extend your holiday with a hiking tour, we can recommend the hiking tours of Bettina. She speaks native German, leads you to the most beautiful spots in the area and also provides the matching rooms. Just have a look on your homepage to see if there is something suitable.


Schedule of the Tour

Best to arrive one day before the official tour. For the first evening before the official tour we have reserved an apartment in Kalami. is usually stayed in the simple but nice multi-bed room. This evening we will discuss everything important for the coming days in a Greek tavern directly by the sea. On the first day of the course we load the boats and start off. As a first step we will paddle the north-east of Corfu, from here it is only a stone's throw to neighbouring Albania, but we do not want to visit this time, but only a glimpse of the rugged mountains of this fantastic country.


On the evening of the first day we camp in a small cove. We will gladly arrange for you noodles with red sauce in advance if you do not want to go shopping on the way to Kalami. Also for the breakfast of the first and second paddle day we are happy to buy for you. At noon of the second day we will, always provided we can make the tour according to the weather scheduled to take place in Sidar in a large supermarket for the next days shopping.


In the course of the journey we will circle the north of Corfu. Here the island is dominated by steep sandstone cliffs. The following West Coast offers a unique variety with its steep cliffs, the many secluded bays, grottos and beaches. Unofficial destination is the arrival after six days at the famous "Mouse Island" near Corfu town. If we do not achieve this ambitious goal, it is half wild! From every imaginable point of the island we arrive after the last day of paddling by taxi and our Kanuschul bus for a few euros to the hotel in Corfu-Stadt, where we reserved for the last evening a room in the hotel "Brittany" for you. The hotel is located directly at the airport, which is within five minutes walking distance. We would like to finish the last evening in one of the most quaint taverns of Corfu - let us surprise you!



(SF1 Sea kayak F1) The length of the stages in this tour is of course based on the condition of the weakest paddler. Daily stages of at least 30 kilometers on calm water should not be a problem for you. The longest leg of our trip periodicity about 35 kilometers. It is important to remember that you also have the whole day on our tour. So stress does not occur, even pronounced lunch breaks are in it.


It is also important that you do not immediately despondent in the event of wind and waves. Swell of approx. 1.5 meters height should not scare you, even wind you should have experienced from the sea kayak. The basic prerequisite for this trip is the control of the sea kayak with a tax or Skeg. You also need to know how to safely get back into the boat after a capsize-of course with the help of the paddle partner or the canoe teacher. The re-entry must work in quiet conditions from the FF and should not be a mental or physical challenge, even if it has to be practised in turbulent conditions, in wind and waves.


Please call us or send a mail if it is unclear whether the trip is the right one for you. As a more relaxing tour, you can alternatively take the sea kayak trip to Kvarner (SFE).

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