Leun, Germany
Canoe Kayak
From Leun to Gräveneck

Canoe tour on the Lahn

Your tunnel flirt starts in the little town of Leun. You go by canoe or kayak through two locks Germany's only ship tunnel (with double lock) at Weilburg. Don't miss out on this highlight! After that you will pass a well-forested landscape with a rich flora and fauna until you arrive at village Gräveneck.


  • Delivery of the boat to the entry point
  • Pickup of the boat at the agreed exit point
  • Paddle & Matching life jackets
  • Container (vessel for storing water-sensitive objects)
  • Water map, river Description & Briefing

Meeting Point

Railway station Leun/Braunfels, Burgsolmserstraße, 35638 Leun-Lahn railway station

Start Time

Daily at 09:00

On the way you can take a break, e.g. at the rest place Selters. After the break you get on the water by yourself and paddle to the campsite in Gräveneck. Please expect a paddle time of about 6 hours. The pause is not included in the calculation.


Route Info

Route: Tunnel Flirt from Leun – Lahn railway station to camping Gräveneck
Track length: approx. 24.4 km
Paddle time: approx. 6 hours plus break
Start: daily at 9:00 
End: 17:00 the latest
Special Feature: 2 self-service locks, 1 navigation tunnel (double lock/self-service)
Rest areas: Leun – Lahnwiese, after approx. 2 km WC, Tiefenbach, after approx. 5 km, Selters, after about 11 km
Löhnberg, after approx. 12 km, Ahäuser Bridge – Weilburg, after approx. 14 km WC, Weilburg, after approx. 15.4 km WC, camping site Hauseley, after approx. 17.2 km
Starting point: Bahnhof Leun/Braunfels, Burgsolmserstraße, 35638 Leun-Lahn railway station
In the area: Campsite Gräveneck, In der Aue 1, 35796 Weinbach-Gräveneck


Passenger transport


Canoe ticket: €3.60 per person each trip.

A great thing on this tour is the train! The station Gräveneck (Bahnhofstrasse 15, 35796 Weinstraße-Gräveneck) is located directly at the campsite Gräveneck. The station Leun/Braunfels (Burgsolmser Straße, 35638 Leun-Lahn railway station) is also directly at the starting point. Buy your ticket at public transport or order your Canoe ticket. Nevertheless, on such short distances the normal daily prices of public transport are usually cheaper. Therefore please compare the prices.



Return at 5 pm from Gräveneck to Leun-Lahn railway station
€7 per adult from 12 years
€6 per teenager 15-17 years
€5 per child up to 14 years

At 5pm our shuttle bus will bring you back to your car in Leun-Lahnbanhof.



It is also possible to organize the transport of people independently according to your wishes.

Further Information

Degree of Difficulty

For everyone


Kanu Lahn-Dill, Schöffengrund


Approx. 24.4 km

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