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1 seater Cross-over Kayak rental

We rent the 1 seater crossover kayak.


  • 1 seater cross-over kayak with paddle
  • "Pyranha Fusion" or "wave sport ethos" kayak

Meeting Point

See "Pickup" below

Start Time

Daily by arrangement

Crossover/Expedition Kayaks

The hybrid or Crossoverkajaks are becoming increasingly popular. At first look, a classic sit-in kayak with a closed cockpit, it reveals a lot of details at a closer look, which, under certain conditions, also make it an excellent fishing kayak. The most striking feature is the wide range of use.


The kayaks have excellent WW suitability (up to WW III). Thanks to built-in  Skegs, the kayak also has a very good straight-line-it is therefore also suitable for the use on the sea other advantages are a large storage space, so that equipment for a multi-day expedition can be carried. 


Pick up 

The price is for people who pick-up the kayak by their own at our warehouse near Münster-Handorf (centrally located for a Werse/Ems tour) or our boat rental Pleistermühle directly at the Werse. Transfers are possible and will be charged additionally depending on the effort. 



We reserve the right to withhold an appropriate deposit, which will be refunded after the proper return of the boats/equipment. (The amount of the deposit can be asked before renting the boat).

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