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From Bochum to Essen Steele

Rafting-Tour on the Ruhr

Book a tour on the Ruhr in a raft for 6 to 10 people.


The quiet tour starts in Bochum-Dahlhausen and ends in Essen-Steele. You need about 2 hours for the tour. It is a bronze track, which is particularly suitable for beginners and connoisseurs. True to our canoe philosophy we offer you transparent prices, boats from German  manufacturers as well as a good all-round service.


  • 1 raft for up to 10 persons
  • Paddle and life jackets
  • Water Map and Tips
  • Dry container
  • Luggage transport to the destination

Meeting Point

Ruhrmühle, 44879 Bochum

Start Time

Daily at 12:30


2 hours Hours


You can book the boat directly online here. Find the right tour, find your desired date and book your canoeing experience. You can view all information about the tour directly online. In addition, you will also be sent your personal information about the tour.


The route 

At the start there is a boat slide in Dahlhausen, which is usable. If this is not the case, simply start behind it. On the following quiet stretch, along the railway Museum, you can enjoy nature. In Horst, the next boat slide is waiting for you. Now the Ruhr is taking you gently further towards Steele. It is just 5 km from here. On the left you leave the old Holteyer harbour, which was built in 1837 as one of the first harbours in Essen. It served the Ruhr shipping as a safety port in the event of storms and over the winter the coal ships were anchored here as well. Today it is a very natural area where you can also see the one or the other turtle. You continue relaxedly further towards the goal. There, a possible barbecue or a cool beer completes your canoe adventure.


the boat 

We use boats for up to 10 people. This size is good for a group to handle, even without an extra guide. So you can plunge yourself into your adventure after a short briefing. The high-quality rafts made by Spreu in Wuppertal are designed for use in whitewater. So you don't have to worry if you ever touch a stone. The boats are almost non-capsizable on this river section. 



Only the boat transport is included in this tour. Each paddler must organise the transport of passengers themselves.

Further Information

Degree of Difficulty

Especially suitable for beginners and connoisseurs


Kanutrip Ruhr, Essen

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